La Gaita Del Falco is a range which owes its existence to this estate, inspired by the Gaite, the historic districts of Bevagna. Here our commitment is focused above all on strictly limiting production, concentrating the essence of the plant into a few, select bunches to produce a must that is rich in aromas and anthocyanins. The resulting wines are complex yet highly drinkable. This range is inspired by an experience of the land and resident grape varieties: the polyphenols are coaxed out of black grapes whereas with white grapes, our focus is on finding the perfect balance between acidity and fruitiness.

For red wines we have shortened maceration by a few days, to achieve wines with an excellent oenological profile. The quality of white wines is achieved by combining raw material with production technology. Excellent quality fruits are enhanced by significant production technologies: from the cooling of grapes to skin maceration, gentle pressing and processing in the absence of oxygen: just some of the techniques that enable us to achieve modern, fresh wines with excellent longevity.


Gaita del Falco

La cantina Benedetti&Grigi
fa parte della filiera Food Italiae

REGULATION NO. 1308/2013


  • Loc. La Polzella, Montefalco (PG)
    Umbria – ITALY
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